Diffraction Grating Handbook

We wrote the book on diffraction gratings...

The Diffraction Grating Handbook, now in its seventh edition, is a 265-page guide to
the uses of diffraction gratings.

The Handbook covers the following topics.

  • spectroscopy and gratings
  • the physics of diffraction gratings
  • ruled gratings
  • holographic gratings
  • replicated gratings
  • plane gratings and their mounts
  • concave gratings and their mounts
  • imaging properties of grating systems
  • efficiency characteristics of diffraction gratings
  • stray light characteristics of gratings and grating systems
  • testing and characterizing diffraction gratings
  • selection of dispersing systems
  • applications of diffraction gratings
  • advice to grating users
  • handling gratings
  • guidelines for specifying gratings
  • sources of error in monochromator-mode efficiency
    measurements of plane diffraction gratings
  • lie aberration theory for grating systems

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