About Richardson Gratings

Established over sixty years ago by Bausch & Lomb, and now part of Newport Corporation, our name has changed over the years, but Richardson Grating's leadership in the design, production and characterization of diffraction gratings for both scientific and OEM applications has remained unparalleled.

We design and manufacture surface-relief diffraction gratings for use in analytical instrumentation, lasers, fiber-optic telecommunications networks and photolithographic systems, as well as for researchers, astronomers and educators.

Our principal strengths reside in two technologies: the production of master diffraction gratings, and the high-fidelity replication of those masters. The first capability allows us to produce custom gratings to unique specifications; the second capability allows us to make optically indistinguishable replicas in production volumes. Both strengths rely on decades of process and apparatus development, during which we have developed proprietary knowledge that has provided us the competitive advantage necessary to become a world leader in the design and manufacture of diffraction gratings.

By treating our customers as partners through all stages of the product development process, we seek to improve product quality, encourage the resolution of technical challenges, and reduce total cost.

As part of Newport Corporation, we look forward to continuing our proud tradition of producing high-quality precision diffraction gratings, and providing comprehensive technical assistance in their choice and use.